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Love Letter to Bookshops: ‘Gateways to a thousand other worlds’

Booksellers NZ is delighted to announce that the winner of the ‘Love Letter to Bookshops’ competition, held as part of the NZ Bookshop Day festivities, is Marcus Hobson, who wrote a love letter to Books a Plenty bookshop, in Tauranga. 

Love Letter to your Bookshop: McLeods Booksellers, Rotorua

The Bay of Plenty is served by some excellent booksellers, and another in our twenty finalist letters was to McLeods Booksellers in Rotorua. 

From Michelle Hossack: 

Love Letter to your Bookshop: Paper Plus Birkenhead

This love letter to Paper Plus Birkenhead is a lovely rhyming reminiscience from a child to their favourite bookstore. 

From Eira May Hadley, and her mum NIkki Thomas:

Love letter to your Bookshop: Paper Plus Oamaru

Oamaru Paper Plus was my mainstay for an emergency book on a long bus journey from Christchurch to Dunedin each university holidays. It is fantastic to see it recognised as a great store by one of their regular customers!

From Jo Gilbert:

Love Letter to your Bookshop: Take Note Foxton

It is fantastic to learn more about small-town bookshops, and one that stood out for receiving big love from their customers is Take Note, in Foxton. 

From Andrea Wright: 

Love Letter to your Bookshop: Storytime Award-winning Books and Toys for Kids, Whangarei

This heartfelt letter brought a tear to my eye. Annemarie Florian and her staff are truly dedicated to their customers, and this shows through in this love letter from a customer who is dedicated to them, from Jo Ellis.

Love Letter to your Bookshop: Paper Plus Coastlands

Paper Plus in Coastlands Mall is owned and operated by Rob Clarke, a long-serving member of the bookselling community. It is wonderful to see the effect their great service and selection has had on Gina's son. 

From Gina Verhaart: 

Love Letter to your Bookshop: Poppies New Plymouth

There were two devoted customers of Poppies New Plymouth whose letters were included in the final twenty. Here is what they had to say about the store, which is owned by Tony Moores. 

From Doc Rose Bruce:

In a stormy world my Poppies with Ruth next to the library over the road from work down from the coffee shop is my safe port. Oh my goodness I have washed up there like the proverbial shipwrecked Crusoe and found the papayas of thought, the coconut milk of ideas, the shelter of culture. It's a rare love I share with you, my secret draught of divinity.

Love Letter to your Bookshop: The Women's Bookshop

The Women's Bookshop is a well-established member of their community in Ponsonby, and their efforts for NZ Bookshop Day last year earned them an award for best promotional activity by a Bookshop in the 2016 Nielsen Book Industry Awards. Here is a dedicated follower putting her love for them in words: 

From Pauline Armstrong: 

Love Letter to your Bookshop: Paradox Books

Short and sweet, author Dave Veart says it all about his local, Paradox Books, in one card: