Books on Radio NZ National: 15 - 21 April

Radio New Zealand National features several books over the course of a week. These listings are for books that will be featured on the following programmes

Saturday Morning, with Kim Hill
Saturday, 15 April

Rather be the Devil
by Ian Rankin 
Published by Orion
ISBN 9781409159421

Ian Rankin is a guest at the Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival and Auckland Writers Festival, and the WORD Christchurch Autumn Season. 

Half a Walnut Tree
by Quin Quing Tang
ISBN 9780473370312
Available from Wheelers and Uni of Canterbury bookshop
Cheer Up Love: adventures in depressions with the crab of hate
by Susan Calman 
Published by Two Roads 
ISBN 9781473632042
The Changeover 
by Margaret Mahy 
Published by Hachette NZ
ISBN 9780140365993
The Oxford Companion to Cheese
edited by Catherine Donnelly
Published by  Oxford University Press 
ISBN 9780199330881

Standing Room Only, with Lynn Freeman
Sunday, 16 April

The Hope Fault 
by Tracy Farr
Published by Fremantle Press
ISBN 9781925164404     
Brushstrokes of Memory
Karen McMillan
Published by McKenzie Publishing
ISBN 9780473374358

Radio NZ National Book Readings 

NINE TO NOON - 10.30am 
Tuesday, 18 April

Frame – a Short Story
by Vincent O'Sullivan
Read by Madeline McNamara

BOOK: The Families  
by Vincent O'Sullivan (Short story collection)  
Published by Victoria University Press (11 June 2014) ISBN 9780864739193 
Wednesday, 19 April - Thursday, 20 April
First Visit (eps 1-2 of 2)
by Albert Wendt
read by Fiona Truelove
BOOK: Short story collection Ancestry
by Albert Wendt
Published by Huia Publishers (30 Sep 2012)  
ISBN 9781775500377
by Lesley Ayers

RNZ production - no book
Wednesday, 19 April
Kikia Te Poa  
by Hone Kouka
RNZ production - no book

Saturday, 15 April 

Jimmy Juke’s Jubilee
a short story by Murray Richards
read by Desmond Kelly  
RNZ production - no book

Sunday, 16 April

Eggs for Easter
a short story by Barbara Anderson
read by Don Langridge
RNZ production - no book

Monday, 17 April

by Raewyn Alexander
read by Kate Harcourt
RNZ production - no book
Tuesday, 18 April 
by David Hill
RNZ production - no book
Wednesday, 19 April - Friday, 21 April
The Orphan Gunner (eps 1-3 of 12) 
by Sara Knox 
BOOK: The Orphan Gunner
by Sara Knox
Published 9 February 2008
by Giramondo Publishing
ISBN 9781920882280
DRAMA HOUR, 3.04pm
Sunday, 16 April
Faith (part 1 of 2)
by Tom McCrory
RNZ production - no book