Books on Radio NZ National: 17 -24 February

Radio New Zealand National features several books over the course of a week. These listings are for books that will be featured on the following programmes

Children's Book Review, with John McIntyre
Friday, 17 February

Mummy Laid An Egg                     
by Babette Cole      
Red Fox    
ISBN 9780099299110
Hair In Funny Places    
by Babette Cole        
Red Fox
ISBN 9780099266266
Dr Dog    
by Babette Cole        
Red Fox  
ISBN 9780099650812


Saturday Morning, with Kim Hill
Saturday, 18 February

Wellington Summer Shakespeare, 1983-2017  
by David Lawrence 
Victoria University Press 
Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities
by Bettany Hughes 
The Making of Jane Austen  
by Devoney Looser 
John Hopkins University Press (publication date June 2017) 

Standing Room Only, with Lynn Freeman
Sunday, 19 February 

The Little Cloud 
by Elspeth Nicol and Veverley Burch
Speaking with Elspeth Nicol and Mary Longmore (Burch's daughter)
Published by Makaro Press
ISBN 9780994137920

Radio NZ National Book Readings 

NINE TO NOON - 10.30am 
Monday, 20 - Wednesday, 22 February

The Larnachs (eps 10-12 of 12)
by Owen Marshall
told by Michele Amas and Owen Scott
BOOK: The Larnachs 
by Owen Marshall
Random House
ISBN 9781869794972

Thursday, 23 - Friday, 24 February

Free Will (eps 1-2 of 2)
by Charlotte Grimshaw
told by Matt Whelan
BOOK: From the Short Story Collection: Opportunity by Charlotte Grimshaw
Published by Vintage New Zealand (4 May 2007)
ISBN 9781869418793


Wednesday,  22 February

Playing with Fire
by Joanne Gutknecht

Satruday, 18 February - Tuesday, 21 February

Lucky Bastard (ep 12-15 of 15)
by Peter Wells
Told by Nigel Collins, Nick Blake, Jane Waddell and Jodie Rimmer
BOOK: Lucky Bastard 
by Peter Wells
Published by Random House NZ
ISBN 9781869419431
Wednesday, 22 February
Smarts and Follies
by Kate Duggan
Told by Michele Amas

No book listed: RNZ Production
Thursday, 23 - Friday 24 February
Two Girls in a Boat (eps 1-2 of 2)
by Emma Martin
told by Julia Croft 
BOOK: Two Girls in a Boat 
by Emma Martin
Published by Victoria University Press (3 May 2013) ISBN 9780864738851     (daughter of Veverley Burch),
DRAMA HOUR, 3.04pm
Sunday,  19 February
The Day Dad Stole A Bus
by Pericles Silveira         

The first of two winning plays in the  25th BBC World Service/British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
ISBN 045201187