Books on Radio NZ National: 21 - 28 April

Radio New Zealand National features several books over the course of a week. These listings are for books that will be featured on the following programmes

Unity Book Review, with Kiran Dass
Friday, 21 April

South and West: From a Notebook
by Joan Didion
4th Estate

Saturday Morning, with Kim Hill
Saturday, 22 April

The Handmaid’s Tale
by Margaret Atwood 
Vintage Classics

From Cradle to Stage
by Virginia Hanlon Grohl
Coronet Books
100 Chairs in 100 Days and Its 100 Ways
by Martino Gamper 

Standing Room Only, with Lynn Freeman
Sunday, 23 April

Frances Edmond talking about:
The night burns with a white fire
by Lauris Edmond
Published by Steele Roberts

Radio NZ National Book Readings 

NINE TO NOON - 10.45am 
Monday, 24 April

When Jim Came Home From The War
a short story by John F.Bragg
RNZ production - no book
Tuesday, 25 April
ANZAC DAY - no story
Wednesday, 26 - Friday, 28 April 
Passport to Hell  (eps 1-3 of 15) 
by Robin Hyde
read by Catherine Wilkin
BOOK: Passport to Hell  
by Robin Hyde
Published by Auckland University Press (reprinted 2015)
ISBN 9781869408398
Wednesday, 26 April
The Elk Safari
by Uri Khein
RNZ production - no book

Saturday, 22 April - Friday, 28 April

The Orphan Gunner (eps 4-10 of 12) 
by Sara Knox 
BOOK: The Orphan Gunner
by Sara Knox
Published 9 February 2008
by Giramondo Publishing
ISBN 9781920882280
DRAMA HOUR, 3.04pm
Sunday, 22 April
Faith (part 2 of 2)
by Tom McCrory
RNZ production - no book