Books on Radio NZ National: 24 February - 3 March

Radio New Zealand National features several books over the course of a week. These listings are for books that will be featured on the following programmes

Unity Book Review, with Kiran Dass
Friday, 24 February

Innocents and Others
by Dana Spiotta
Picador, $25
ISBN 9781509839698

Saturday Morning, with Kim Hill
Saturday, 25 February

Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany
by Norman Ohler
Published by Penguin

The German Girl
by Armando Lucas Correa 
Published by Atria Books 

Standing Room Only, with Lynn Freeman
Sunday, 26 February 

Bastion Point: 507 days on Takaparawha
by Tania Roxborogh
Scholastic NZ
ISBN 9781775434795     

Radio NZ National Book Readings 

NINE TO NOON - 10.30am 
Monday, 27 February - Friday, 3 March

A Matter for Grace (eps 1-5 of 15) 
by Jenny Patrick
told by Pat Evison
(RNZ production - no book)
Wednesday, 1 March 


Live Transmission: Only Sukkie Bubbas Use Laser Guns


Saturday, 25 February

Gap into Somewhere
by Sue Emms
read by Katherine McRae

RNZ Production
Sunday, 26 February
Charolais Newman
by Allyson Caseley
read by Andrew Foster

Monday, 27 February - Friday, 3 March

Into the Wider World (eps 1-5 of 10)
written and told by Brian Turner
BOOK: Into the Wider World
by Brian Turner
Published by Godwit
ISBN 9781869621421
DRAMA HOUR, 3.04pm
Sunday,  26 February
Playing with Fire
by Joanne Gutknecht  
The second of two winning plays in the 25th BBC World Service/British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition (BBC)


The German Girl

By Armando Lucas Correa 

ISBN 0241256992

Published by Atria Books