Books on Radio NZ National: 7-14 April

Radio New Zealand National features several books over the course of a week. These listings are for books that will be featured on the following programmes

Please note if you are looking at this from The Read, most of the scheduled listings have been delayed, but ought to be up for Friday 7 April. 

Saturday Morning, with Kim Hill
Saturday, 8 April

New Zealand’s Great White Sharks
by Alison Ballance 
Published by Potton and Burton
Journey of Heart
by Sequoia di Angelo/Schmidt
Published by Voyage
Syv Myter Om Martin Luther (Seven Myths of Martin Luther)
by Frederik Stjernfelt
Til Tiden 
The internet of things
Kate Camp 
Victoria University Press 
ISBN 9781776561063
The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century
by Walter Scheidel
Princeton University Press 

Standing Room Only, with Lynn Freeman
Sunday, 2 April

Leap of Faith
by Jenny Pattrick
Black Swan
The Chiming Blue
Marilyn Duckworth

Radio NZ National Book Readings 

NINE TO NOON - 10.30am 
Monday, 10 April - Tuesday, 11 April

Fainting and the Fat Man (parts 1-2 of 2) 
by Vincent O'Sullivan
read by David McPhail
BOOK: The Families  
by Vincent O'Sullivan (Short story collection)  
Published by Victoria University Press (11 June 2014) ISBN 9780864739193 
Wednesday, 12 April - Thursday, 13 April
Home (parts 1-2 of 2)
by Charlotte Grimshaw
read by Barnie Duncan
BOOK: From Opportunity
by Charlotte Grimshaw  
Published by Vintage New Zealand (4 May 2007)
ISBN 9781869418793
Wednesday, 12 April
Meeting Jeff
by Philip Braithwaite
(RNZ production - no book)

Saturday, 8 April - Wednesday, 12 April

The Years Before My Death (eps 6-10 of 10)
written and read by David McPhail

The Years Before My Death: Memories of a Comic Life
 by David McPhail  
Published 13 Aug 2010 by  Random House

Thursday, 13 April - Friday, 14 April

Letting Go (1-2 of 2)
by Claire Bayliss
told by Stephen Lovatt
RNZ production - no book
DRAMA HOUR, 3.04pm
Sunday, 9 April
Potiki’s Memory Of  Stone
by Briar Grace-Smith

RNZ production - no book