Bookslut editor and ex-feminist, Jessa Crispin, to appear in Wellington 2017

‘Despite the simplicity and obviousness of the dictionary definition of feminism, and despite years of working at feminist non-profits and decades of advocacy, I am disowning the label. If you asked me today if I am a feminist I would not only say no, I would say no with a sneer.’
Jessa Crispin, editor and founder of the online magazine Bookslut (one of America’s very first book blogs) and author of The Dead Ladies Project and The Creative Tarot, is appearing in Wellington in March 2017 to talk about her latest book, Why I Am Not A Feminist.
Crispin’s book is a searing and spirited attack on contemporary mainstream feminism. She argues that feminism has lost its way and the ‘lifestyle’, ‘Disneyfied’ form seen today does more to harm than help women.
The book is a call to arms, a radical and fearless work by a writer of wit, intelligence and insight.
Jessa Crispin events will take place on 10 March in Wellington 2017, including a limited capacity session on The Creative Tarot. To receive details and pre-sales information in January 2017, sign up to Pirate & Queen events at
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Jessa Crispin is the editor and founder of the online magazine Bookslut, and the literary journal Spolia. She is the author of The Dead Ladies Project and The Creative Tarot, and has written for the New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, Los Angeles Review of Books,, Chicago Sun-Times, and Architect Magazine, among other publications. She currently resides in New York.