Bad Oil and the Animals, by L P Hansen

Heidi always dreamed of being a society photographer for the rich and famous. Instead, the sixteen-year old’s first film project plunges her into a world of subterfuge as she joins a multi-cultural group of teenage activists from the Cook Islands, China, Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand, committed to saving orangutans in the wild.
Their investigations lead them into the shadowy world of factory farming and they risk protest after protest with exhilarating success. There’s danger, disguise and daring and more than a little mischief. But when the police come calling at their school, has it been one stunt too many?
Bad Oil and the Animals
by L P Hansen
Published by Onepoto Press
ISBN: 978 0 473 37380 1
Genre: YA fact-based fiction. Age 11-18 years
Description: Paperback,127 pages
Distributor: Onepoto Press,  or see