Ori the Octopus, by Anne Helen Donnelly

Ori the Octopus likes to help his friends, he does have eight legs after all!
But what happens when his helpful ways get him all tangled up?
A fun and brightly illustrated book about friendship and helping others, with actions and craft ideas for children to enjoy.
Author’s website also has children’s videos to watch featuring book characters and free activities such as colouring in, join the dots and loads more!
Ori the Octopus
by Anne Helen Donnelly
Published by Anne Helen Donnelly (self-published)
ISBN: 9780646962207
Format: Paperback
Size: 210mm high x 297mm wide x 5mm deep
Extent: 40 pages
Age range: 2 – 5 y.o.
Distributor: Woodslane 
Contact telephone: +612 8445 2300