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Harnessing Altruism, by Sava Buncic

Harnessing Altruism is a literary, futuristic fiction novel for adults about the world in the mid twenty-first century and beyond, in which the very existence of humanity is threatened by an unbearably hot climate and shortages of essential resources due to the long-term insatiable greed of modern civilization.

Chetan and Lollipop, by Mr Kersie Khambatta

Chetan is a young lad living with his father, who is a game warden in the Kaziranga rhino game sanctuary in India. He yearns to adopt a baby rhino. He is lonely. His father does not warm to the idea. Chetan wanders into the sanctuary deep in thought, and finds an abandoned baby rhino in a cave. He decides to take it home. He pushes, pulls  and prods it, and they come home.
His father frowns, but does not protest. Chetan feeds the baby. All of a sudden, the mother rhino bursts onto the scene with a roar, and Chetan runs to his father. 

Blade NZ - Travel Stories From the Road

It sounds like a rock solid plan. Josh and Matt will rollerblade the length of New Zealand, film their adventure, meet interesting characters and make an inspirational travel documentary. There's just a few small problems: winter is fast approaching, they are severely underprepared, and they are terrible at rollerblading.

The tattooed sisters, and other stories, by Bill Nagelkerke

A bus accident in the mountains . . .
Seeing the sights of Paris . . .
Busking in the busy mall . . .
Getting a tattoo . . .
A cold stranger . . .
. . . turning points, of one sort or another.
Many of these stories and poems for young adults have been previously published in magazines and anthologies.

I am an Artist, by ZR Southcombe

A collaborative project with six kiwi artists - including 13-year-old Anna Simpson - this book encourages, motivates, and gives practical ideas for young artists to grow in their identity as an artist and cultivate their unique voice.
The perfect gift for that budding artist in your life!

A Confidential Agreement, by Rita Ann Ryan

A Frida Delaney Mystery (book one in the series)
A small community, broken families,
a bloody murder, and an ending you won’t see coming …
When Frida Delaney returns home to New Zealand, after a self-imposed exile, the last thing she expects to find is her neighbour’s bloody body and to be caught up in a murder inquiry.

The Mini Moas Fantastical New Zealand Series, Book 1, by Natasha Hanson

Eight-year-old adventure seeker Pete is convinced something mysterious is hidden in the school staff room. His ten-year-old sister, Trudy, who is much more practical, is not. But when adventure does appear in Mini Moa form, can the siblings work together to outsmart a fake substitute caretaker?  
The Mini Moas
Fantastical New Zealand Series, Book 1
by Natasha Hanson
ISBN: 978-1-942514-75-6
Suggested Retail Price: $11.95 AUD