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Sharks, mazes and tiny winged horses: Kids books for 2017

Children’s book publishing is where the action is right now. We’ve seen Virago open out its Virago Kids imprint, Lonely Planet’s Kids imprint grow and grow, and on the local front, the enlargement of children’s lists for the likes of Potton & Burton and Makaro Press. We’re also seeing a few more first-time authors being picked up by both larger and independent publishers, which is incredibly important for the health of the market.

A very happy Christmas for Indie Booksellers

by Elizabeth Heritage
The eggnog has been drunk, decorations put away, and the hangovers have hopefully cleared. A month after Christmas, The Read catches up with booksellers around the country to see how the silly season went. 
We spoke with Anna Hunt of Marsden Books, Jenna Todd of Time Out Bookstore, Bronwyn Wylie-Gibb of UBS Otago, Louise Ward of Wardini Books, and Aimee Paardekooper of Paper Plus Cromwell.
Better than the stats suggest

New Year, New Books!

Happy New Year, hardworking booksellers! For those of you who have worked throughout the “summer holidays” we office-workers get, scorning our out-of-offices with impossible-to-imagine return dates, well done and we love you for it. Now, after the many many book lists of 2016, it’s finally time to revel in the joy that is the cream of the crop for 2017. 

CEO Lincoln Gould’s Christmas Message

Bookshops opening, expanding, changing ownership: who would have thought this sort of positive activity in New Zealand’s book trade would be a feature of 2016 after some years of doom and despondency?

The threat from e-books has also retreated – a worldwide trend – and sales of printed books , while not as strong as 2015, have been steady, with many shops recording good growth. This Christmas is shaping up well, although some of our members have taken a knock from the recent earthquakes.

The Summer Reading Guide - shining bright on a bookshelf near you

The Indiebound Summer Reading Guide showcases 117 of the best books around this summer, as voted for inclusion by over 20 of New Zealand’s leading independent bookshops. Booksellers NZ provides this service because we want our members to have the best tools available to maximise sales at this incredibly important time of year. 

Books by YouTubers - Creating readers?

There is a craze that has been taking bestseller lists by storm since 2014. And no, I’m not talking about adult colouring books – though there are those among us who may look upon both phenomena with similar incredulity - I’m talking about YouTube books. Or more specifically – books written by YouTube vloggers that champion real-life content.

Reviews: what are they good for?

by Elizabeth Heritage
Book reviews: how do their authors feel about them. and how do they use themAs part of The Read’s ongoing investigation into book reviewing in Aotearoa, we talk to authors about what they do with reviews of their own work. The Read spoke to NZ writers Rachael Craw, Mandy Hager, Diana Noonan, Amanda Fitzwater, Ashleigh Young, Elizabeth Knox and Helen Lowe.

To read or not to read

Big Names, Big Reputations, Big Titles and a bit of Magic

Christmas bestsellers are a pain. At least they are before they’ve done all the selling that makes them the best, because choices are hard. Are the key titles for Christmas picked or predicted? Is it as simple as a giant pile of celebrity biographies, or authors with huge name recognition? And where on Earth does quality come into it? 

You’re going to need a bigger stocking: the best children’s books for Christmas

Busy parents and overwhelmed uncles: if you need kids’ gift suggestions, listen up! Thanks to booksellers around New Zealand, The Read has the scoop on the best (and bestselling) kids’ books for Christmas. 
We spoke to Jemma Pirie at McLeods Booksellers, the team at Muirs Bookshop, Wendy Tighe-Umbers and Claire Duncan at Time Out Bookstore, Courtney Smith and Karen McLeod at Unity Books Wellington, Louise Ward at Wardini Books, Rachel at Paradox Books, Patricia Kay at The Women’s Bookshop, Chris Baskett at Books a Plenty and Bruce Caddy at UBS Otago.
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