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Booksellers NZ represents over 70% of New Zealand's booksellers, including independents and chain stores. We are the manager of Booksellers Tokens, the most prominent book voucher in New Zealand. We also administer the new Booksellers NZ Gift Card, a convenient electronic option that can be stocked alongside the paper tokens. 
Key Membership Benefits
The benefits of our membership touch every aspect of running your bookselling business.
Our main services include:
  • Sell and Redeem Booksellers Tokens
  • Sell and Redeem Booksellers NZ electronic Gift Card.
  • Subscription to the weekly industry e-newsletter The Read, including the Nielsen Bestsellers charts and the Indie Top 20
  • Preview of Reviews: An advance list of the books reviewed in the papers and on radio. 
  • Participate in the annual conference and networking opportunities.
  • Advocacy on key issues affecting the industry to government, agencies and other book industry bodies.
  • Expert advice and information in a multitude of areas, from book prize winners to price marking legislation. 
  • Unlimited use of IndieBound marketing materials.
  • Opportunity to sell Kobo ebooks through your website and sell Kobo devices
  • Reduced rate for membership of  the NZ Retailers Association
  • Purchase merchandising bags at competitive prices
  • Money saving affinity deals with Westpac (including EFTPOS machines), Courier Post, Z Energy, Crombie Lockwood Insurance and Southern Cross Healthcare.   
  • Marketing opportunities and support to help drive sales – Book Awards, Children’s and Young Adults Book Awards, VERB formerly known as NZ Book Month, Indiebound Marketing toolkit, Christmas Catalogue, advance notice of The NZ Listener Top 100 and Kids Top 50 books.
Our members are booksellers, publishers, and industry friends. We are focussed on the changing world of bookselling and publishing. Join us.  
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