Kobo for booksellers

On this page you will find a variety of tools for training purposes. The documents detail the unique selling points of Kobo devices and also contain helpful comparisons to other eReaders, including the Kindle. This information will help you effectively retail Kobo devices to a range of customers. 

We do recommend actively selling the accessories at the point of purchase. It is often quite simple to sell a cover for a Kobo device in the same purchase. Get your staff in to the habit of offering the covers to customers when they are shopping for devices. Each store should be expecting to sell a cover with approx 80% of devices sold.

Bookseller Training Videos
These videos function as great dummies guides. They take you through everything from opening the box to charging up the device for the first time. A good resource for the complete luddite.

Getting help with Kobo
Kobo has a customer care team who can help with any questions you might have.

Kobo Glo Unboxing...


Product Information

These documents have been prepared by Kobo and contain all your need to know information to train staff on how to sell Kobo devices.

The word documents break the info on the Glo and Mini down into 3-5 key points.

Kobo Glo retail selling points (opens to Word)
Kobo Aura H2O retail selling points (opens to Word)

Kobo Returns Process

DOA Period (within 30 Days of purchase)

Customer returns device to place of purchase
Place of purchase replaces faulty device for customer
Place of purchase requests RA from Synnex for full credit

Warranty Period (outside 30 Days of purchase)

Customer contacts Kobo Customer Care on 00800-3322-3344
Kobo assess customer unit for fault
Kobo issues an RMA for faulty unit to Customer
Customer mails unit to Kobo
Kobo replaces unit with 4 days via post

Two Kiwi Booksellers off to Memphis, Tennessee

Tanya Gribben from The Women’s Bookshop in Auckland and Cassie Richards (right) from Unity Books in Wellington are heading to rock’n’roll capital Memphis, Tennessee. They are traveling to attend the twelfth Winter Institute conference, thanks to the Kobo Booksellers Scholarship, in arrangement with the American Booksellers Association.

Kobo’s family of contemporary and stylish eReading devices

Kobo’s family of contemporary and stylish eReading devices includes the Kobo Glo, Kobo Touch and Kobo Aura H2O, both of which are to be sold in a range of New Zealand’s independent bookstores.

Shop and read on any device with Kobo
Kobo offers free eReading apps so people can read on some of the most popular devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Blackberry® Smartphones and Blackberry® PlayBooks – in addition they can browse and shop the Kobo store. 

You'll never miss your place - wherever you're reading
With Kobo Sync you can read from one device to another and pick up from the page that you last read – your library will always be kept up to date.

Kobo Glo - read the full specs on the Kobo website
The Ultimate eReader for serious booklovers...

Equipped with the best integrated and adjustable front-light to let you read comfortably day or night: Comfortlight.

Kobo Glo offers the latest 6” high resolution screen with a better coating for durability.

Plus Kobo has the most text customisation options making reading easy on the eyes.


Kobo eReaders and eBooks

Booksellers NZ has partnered with global company Kobo to bring its eReading platform to Independent and Paper Plus bookstores around New Zealand. All BSNZ member bookstores can participate in the Kobo program, and offer their customers eReaders and eBooks from Kobo’s catalog of more than four million titles. BSNZ members share in the revenue on every sale.
Synnex is the exclusive distributor of Kobo eReaders for BSNZmembers. For more information about Synnex distribution and available eReader devices and models, bookstores should contact one of the sales representative on 0800-279-6639. Stores that are not currently Synnex customers should contact Synnex on 0800-279-6639.

Kobo offers more than 4 million eBook titles— including best sellers, hidden gems, and other recommendations— that can be downloaded instantly over WiFi or through the Kobo app, making it the ultimate in convenience. eReader device availability varies by store. Contact individual store for details about its participation in Kobo eReading.